Manipulate the Past to Affect the Future in Puzzle Platformer “Chronology”

Chronology is a recent entry into the world of puzzle platformers, generating a fair amount of buzz for its intriguing concept and gameplay. Set nebulously at some point in a steampunk-inspired future, the game opens with the awakening of the player protagonist, called the Inventor, who knows only that he was involved with an apocalyptic event that destroyed his world. Once he finds a pocket watch capable of controlling time, the game begins in earnest.

Although the pocket watch initially seems to be a storytelling mechanic, it actually is meant to affect gameplay; objects like bridges might exist only in the past, but the pocket watch can be used to speed grow plants that you need to use to reach the next platform. Just when you get the hang of it, Chronology introduces a snail that can freeze time and be thrown to hit things, unlocking new solutions to the puzzles.

Although not an especially long game, the voice acting–cheesy, but in the best possible way–and the art imbue the game with a nice picture book quality, while the story and the gameplay lean heavily on each other, making it impossible to separate one from the other and giving the game a truly unified feel.

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