Join the Fight Against an Ancient Evil in “The Specimen”

Join the Fight Against an Ancient Evil in “The Specimen”

Pete Kahle’s delightfully gruesome horror novel The Specimen is a surprisingly strong debut that will suck you in with its wild, imaginative twists and turns.

In the novel a shadowy presence called “The Riders” haunts the world. From the bloody temple dedicated to an Aztec God of Death and the Underworld to the conquest of England by a crippled Viking warrior, the Riders have been ever-present throughout history. Their presence is unleashed after an urban explorer finds a unique specimen jar hidden away in an abandoned asylum located deep within the mountains of northern Massachusetts. This jar contains something organic, definitely unnatural, and quite possibly alive. Now the explorer and a poor unsuspecting group of individuals have inadvertently stumbled onto one of history’s most horrific secrets and are caught in the latest battle of a millennia-old war.

Kahle takes his readers on an action-packed thrill ride where it is impossible to know who is good or evil. He does not spare his readers; instead, he horrifies their imagination with his macabre imagery. His characters are also fleshed out and complex, which makes the gruesome backdrop and vivid detail that much more satisfying for horror and science fiction fans. The only downside to Kahle’s debut novel is the time jumps between past and present, which are called “Interludes” in the book, and the fact that he leaves his readers wanting to know much more about the Riders’ origins.

Kahle’s debut novel The Specimen is a gruesome, spine-tingling tale that is not for the faint of heart but will certainly delight thriller and horror novel fans.

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