The Night VI: “Wonderlust”

When I first heard “Wonderlust,” I thought something was wrong. This couldn’t possible be the same band that put out the RnB pop song we saw just last month, could it? Well it is. The Night VI have flipped the script with their new song, embracing a full-on ’80s synth-pop sound. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised, but they pull it off wonderfully well. Sophie-Rose Harper adds a lightness to her voice for her plaintive melodies to match the style. And the arrangement is spot on with angular guitar lines, simple drums, and a pervasive synth. They even find a way to mix in the harp completely naturally. To paraphrase what they sing in the chorus: I’m in love I’m in love I’m in love with The Night VI.

Hopefully The Night VI will continue to surprise us with new sounds and styles when we finally get a full-length release from them. But for now, you can buy “Wonderlust” on iTunes.

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