FranknJohn: Fight Monsters by Using Your Head (But Not How You Might Expect)

What happens when a mad scientist’s experiment escapes? Mad Father offered up one solution–fight your way out. And while FranknJohn doesn’t offer any new insights on what to do, it does switch it up by taking place from the perspective of a failed experiment who literally headbutts his way through enemies and other obstacles. Attached to his shoulders only by a length of chain, FranknJohn’s head becomes his greatest strength as he crawls through the mansion and collects skullcaps to augment his already impressively powerful cranium.

Roguelike hack-and-slashes aren’t my favorite genre by a long shot, but there’s something undeniably charming about the adventures of FranknJohn as he faces off against his enemies, most of whom look like they’ve escaped from the cover of a Goosebumps book. Plus who doesn’t love a good B-movie monster?

FranknJohn leaves some room for strategy, but there’s plenty of joy to be had from just wildly smashing everything in your path. For those of you who itch for something with a little more depth than what’s been demonstrated by the demo, the Kickstarter also promises to unlock a story about FranknJohn and his creator Dr. Harmin.

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