Reclusive Author Donna Tartt Opens Up About the Writing Process for “The Goldfinch”

Eight months ago, reclusive American author Donna Tartt sat down with BBC News Night to discuss her Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Goldfinch. In the interview, Tartt admits that she’s one of those authors who can write “anywhere” and says that she wrote a lot of the chapters for Goldfinch in her local library. After all, if you need character inspiration, all you have to do is look up and people watch for a bit, Tartt points out. She also jokes that she’s “obsessed” with writing and will sit down to write every single day. Even though most of what she puts down are just “scraps” of whatever story she’s currently working on, she states proudly that she’s been writing for 21 years and doesn’t see it as a sacrifice because writing is something she loves to do. However, she does admit to its drawbacks.

This is an excellent interview that gives a good glimpse into her writing process and style. And who knows? Her comments may even inspire upcoming authors to head to the library and finally finish that manuscript.

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