Premiere: Blooper “Coming Home”

Seattle-based garage pop band Blooper have a new EP coming out on July 1st, and we’re excited to premiere the closing track of the four song set right here on (The) Absolute. Despite their Pacific Northwest origins, “Coming Home” has a sunny surf-pop sound from further down the coast. The song opens with a simple distorted guitar riff, oscillating chromatically between two pitches and drenched in spring reverb. When the full band comes in, they stick with these two chords, adding a simple but catchy vocal melody on top. The trio keeps us trapped between these two chords for almost two full minutes, constantly building tension so that when they finally break out to a new chord for the chorus, it packs a powerful punch. For a track about feeling obsessive and helpless in a bad relationship, using such limited musical material really captures the mood.

Blooper’s So Very Small EP will be released via Jigsaw Records on July 1st.

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  1. tice

    song has an interesting melody, reminds me of a band I would have met on a beach somewhere in California, but with a little bit of English flavor


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