“Among Ripples” Is a Virtual Ecosystem That Lets You Experiment and Learn

A quick Google search of Among Ripples shows it’s stirred up a little controversy over that eternal question of what exactly constitutes a game. Among Ripples is described by some Steam Greenlight reviewers as an amazing screensaver…which I think demonstrates they’ve missed the point of the game entirely.

At first glance, it seems to be Spore-lite, but Among Ripples offers far less gameplay than the usual simulator or environment manager–which I think works well here. Pump your pond full of pikes and clams if you like, or try to create a balanced ecosystem where every creature great and small can thrive. Adjust the oxygen levels and observe how that affects these creatures. Their world might be small, but it’s surprisingly delicate and intricate, everything balanced with each other.

For my part, I learned there’s something slightly horrifying about a giant crayfish lurking along the floor of my fake aquarium. Among Ripples offers an incredibly soothing experience that makes it a nice change of pace from the typical frantic video game.

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