Walk Beside the Infamous Mary Magdalene in “The Moon Under Her Feet”

Walk Beside the Infamous Mary Magdalene in “The Moon Under Her Feet”

Like Dan Brown’s hit thriller The Da Vinci Code, Clysta Kinstler’s The Moon Under Her Feet presents a unique view of Mary Magdalene and even Jesus himself. Blending the traditional Christian stories with history, mythology, and a bit of New Age spirituality, Kinstler’s Mary Magdelene, here called Mari Anath, is a priestess of the Goddess Isis-Asherah and is the protégé of the High Priestess and mother of Yeshua and his twin Judas, Almah Mari.

In this Feminist retelling, Jesus and Judas are destined to play out the mythological cycle of Osiris, the God doomed to die, and his “betrayer” sibling Set. Mari Anath herself is the stand-in for the darker side of the Mother Goddess as she struggles to rule justly as the High Priestess and defend Goddess-worship even as she becomes an ardent supporter of Yeshua’s ministry.

While some devout Christians may not be happy about how Kinstler tweaked the traditional story about Jesus’s life and death, you won’t be able to help fall in love with Mari Anath, Yeshua, and even Judas as they struggle with their own very human fears and desires. The humanization of these three figures is what makes The Moon Under Her Feet such a joy to read. From romance to grief, no emotions are spared, and thanks to Kinstler’s lyrical prose, readers will be taken back in time for one exhilarating literary journey.

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