Hot Guys in Sweaters Run Through the Streets in Eliza Shaddad’s Video “Waters”

Here’s a great music video from London-based singer/songwriter Eliza Shaddad from her new Waters EP. The song begins with insistent drums and a frantically strummed electric guitar, but when Shaddad’s vocals come in she sounds calm and self-assured.  The song never settles into a solid beat and, together with the syncopated vocal melody, there’s always a sense of forward momentum that pulls you along in its current. However, the real focus is Shaddad’s strong vocals and imaginative lyrics. To match the music’s urgency, Liam Saint-Pierre‘s video shows a man racing to catch Shaddad before she packs up and moves out of their apartment. So if you like hot guys in sweaters running through cities, this video is for you.

The Waters EP is available now via Beatnik Creative.

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