Relive Your Teen Years in the Manga “High School Debut”

Relive Your Teen Years in the Manga “High School Debut”

Kazune Kawahara’s hilarious manga High School Debut will have its readers laughing and crying all at the same time as they relive their own tumultuous high school years and the struggles of being a teenager. The manga follows a young girl named Haruna who is so unlucky in love that she enlists the help of a cute older classmate named Yoh to help her become more attractive and “date worthy.” He agrees but warns Haruna that she can’t fall for him or the deal is off. As fate would have it, Yoh and Haruna do wind up falling in love, although life throws many shenanigans their way in the form of a manipulative sister and  Yoh’s jealous ex-girlfriend.

While the plot seems simple, Kawahara’s writing brings the awkwardness of youth to life and readers will chuckle at the universal dilemmas the characters face. However, it’s not just a cutesy love story. Kawahara makes a point about the importance of knowing what you want before jumping into a relationship. She also reminds her readers that you don’t always need to follow traditional gender roles nor do you need a significant other to be happy. If you’re looking for an untraditional take on the typical “high school romance” genre, High School Debut is refreshingly original.

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