Folk Duo yOya Perform in an Ominous Warehouse (With Triangles!) in “Fool’s Gold”

Indie-folk duo yOya are fond of haunting vocal harmonies, drum machines, and misplaced capitals, all of which can be found on their latest single, “Fool’s Gold.” Following their 2013 Go North EP, the group released the single back in February of this year and have now revealed a music video to go along with it. The mixing of old and new sounds that they explored in their previous music is back here. The track opens with tender acoustic guitar plucking and Simon and Garfunkel harmonies, but then transforms with the entrance of ominous synth lines an a repetitive drum loop. The video shows the two performing the song in a large empty warehouse and mixes in abstract images of rotating boxes, spinning pyramids, and other odd set pieces. The strange imagery plays off of the song’s elusively beautiful sound, both convincing us that yOya is a band we desperately need to keep paying attention to.

You can buy “Fool’s Gold” on iTunes now while we keep an eye out for more music from the L.A. duo.

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