Crater: “Brew”

Seattle duo Crater have returned with their second single, “Brew.” And just like any sequel strives to be, the follow up to “Crater Head” is bigger, badder, and better. The track keeps the dark industrial-electronic sound but takes a more aggressive approach with a faster tempo and louder, noisier synths. If it weren’t for the understated female vocals, “Brew” could easily be mistaken for a classic Nine Inch Nails track. But it’s the soft touch in the vocals that adds to the ominous presence of the music and the unique character of Crater. “Crater Head” touched on all these dark qualities, but “Brew” holds nothing back, and the minute-long decent into noise and chaos that ends the song is certainly not for the faint of heart.

You can buy “Brew” right now on iTunes while we wait for Crater’s debut EP, due out this fall via Mermaid Ave.

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