“Luke Cage: Noir” Packs a Punch

“Luke Cage: Noir” Packs a Punch

Marvel Noir is old news by now, having gone from 2009 and 2010, but I was wandering the comic book store and came across a smaller print copy of Luke Cage: Noir and, having not seen it before, picked it up and purchased it.  Of all the Marvel Noir I have read, Luke Cage might be my favorite.  It’s a short run, only four issues with a set rather than open ending, but in its four issues it tells a story that needs to be told: that a hero is not what a person does but what a person means to those he represents, whether they need a banner to rally behind or simply the peace of mind that all is well. The ending is a bit of a surprise (and very Noir indeed) but elevates Luke Cage in this Noir universe to more than just a man with influence.  He becomes, in his actions, the patron saint of Harlem.

The art is, as to be expected, fantastic, and the full collection also comes with character sketches in the back.  It runs cheaper than the other Noir issues because it’s in a smaller format, and it’s definitely work checking out if you haven’t read it already.

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