Discover if Magic Can Heal a Broken Family in “The Witch of Belladonna Bay”

Discover if Magic Can Heal a Broken Family in “The Witch of Belladonna Bay”

Suzanne Palmieri’s novel The Witch of Belladonna Bay is a fascinating tale that blends one dysfunctional family with the ancient tides of magic.Bronwyn Whalen is the descendant of New England witches and magic runs through her veins, but she’s been successfully avoiding her hometown of Magnolia Creek, Alabama for the past fourteen years thanks to the death of her mother. However, her father reaches out to inform her that not only is her brother in jail for the murder of her BFF, but her niece Byrd is running wild and needs to be watched after. Bronwyn’s return kicks off a paranormal mystery when she decides to stop running from her past and face her demons instead. With the help of a few ghosts, Bronwyn makes the decision to embrace the magic inside of her in order to help her family.

Although the plot revolves around the events surrounding the murder of Bronwyn’s friend, the biggest and most important theme in the book is familial relationships. After all, for better or worse, family ties bind us, even when we want to run away from them and pretend that they don’t exist. Using the power of the paranormal, Palmieri’s atmospheric writing explores the troubling nature of dysfunctional families and how healing can come from unlikely places.

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