Urban Myths and Summer Camp Meet in “Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery”

While it’s obvious that Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery is geared for a younger audience, the little puzzler holds a lot of charm for the more mature gamer, even if the puzzles themselves aren’t the most challenging. Reluctant oddball Jacob Jones is forced to attend summer camp and make friends where he quickly meets a cast of characters even odder than him…including the one and only mysterious Bigfoot, who turns out not to be so mysterious after all.

Lucid Games makes a smart choice here by breaking up the story. So far only Chapter 1 has been released with Chapter 2 promised to arrive sometime during 2014. And binge gamers who play Jacob Jones all the way through in one blast will no doubt complain that the game’s puzzles stagnate. But if you take the game slowly, breaking it up over the course of a few days and looking at the silly artwork, Jacob Jones is a surprisingly cute puzzle adventure for the gamer who doesn’t mind embracing his or her inner child.

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