Laugh at Terrible Jokes in Sommer Browing’s Poetry Collection “Backup Singers”

Laugh at Terrible Jokes in Sommer Browing’s Poetry Collection “Backup Singers”

In poet Sommer Browning’s second collection Backup Singers, her flawless lyrics that are interwoven with terrible jokes will both amuse and entertain you. Backup Singers is composed of four different sections and each can be read individually or as a whole narrative. In the first two sections, Browning includes untitled prose lyrics that respond to one another, giving Backup Singers an interesting narrative.

As you make your way through the book, each poem builds upon the other until they pile up and start making odd connections to one another. Her writing is a chain reaction that will spark your imagination as you begin to wonder how each poem is connected to the one before it and to the one after it. Browning’s poetry shifts through both light-hearted and dark subject matter, and she takes a keen observational lens to the daily life and hidden routines of normal people. Each poem reads like a conversation with a friend, although if you look closely, the heart of her work is about contemplating the world around her and the hidden lives of others.

Backup Singers is also chock-full of terrible jokes and exuberant wordplay that will leave you chuckling with laughter after each poem. Although some of her subject matter is dark, her self-deprecating humor weaves itself into every piece and keeps the subject matter from feeling too depressing. What’s left is a witty meditation on everyday life that ponders both the inner lives of people and life’s little quirks.

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