The Sagittarian Series: Choose Your Own Zombie Apocalypse

The Sagittarian Series: Choose Your Own Zombie Apocalypse

It doesn’t take much time to play through all four installments of The Sagittarian, a series of flash games revolving around the life of an ordinary man who wakes up on the morning of the zombie apocalypse. But unlike most zombie apocalypse stories, this game is sure to at least make you chuckle. Horror-comedy at its most irreverent, The Sagittarian doesn’t try to spoof apocalypse tropes, just provide lots of weird and silly dialogue. Characters might die (including you, obviously) and reveal some truly traumatic backstories that ranges from the absurd (“I was kidnapped by a hobo when I was eight”) to the more ordinary (“my parents love my brother more than they ever did me”), but the story never loses sight of its goal to entertain and amuse.

Installments range in complexity and tone, and it’s entirely possible for your entire party to die in a rain of land mines, gunfire, and zombie ambushes. I wouldn’t recommend the lone wolf route though–if there’s an ending for that that doesn’t end in either death or insanity, I’ve yet to find it, which may or may not be social commentary (probably not). Despite itself the game seems to be developing some overarching storylines, some of which have to do with the not-so-friendly Zombie Nate that likes to follow behind you. Other side characters include a fanatical religious cult, roving motorcycle gangs, and fat zombies.

If you’re looking for a tongue-in-cheek approach to the zombie apocalypse that doesn’t hesitate on the gore, The Sagittarian is definitely worth a look. The CYOA approach doesn’t hurt either.

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