Evan P. Donohue’s “She’s Mine I’m Yours” Video Captures the Art of Overly Confusing Love Triangles

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Evan P. Donohue is getting ready to release his first full-length album since 2010′s Rhythm and Amplitude. To get us excited about the new set, the former Diarrhea Planet member has released the lead single “She’s Mine I’m Yours.” The retro-fitted power-pop track tells the story of a love triangle: his girlfriend is in love with him, he’s in love with someone else, his girlfriend finds out, leaves him, and then he realizes he loves her, but now has neither of them. Don’t feel too bad though, this character seems like a bit of a jerk. The Kyle Turgeon-directed video tells the whole story in faded colors. At the end, she gets a new boyfriend and has the privilege of flipping off her ex. You can download the song now from BandCamp.

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