Being-Time: Run From Your Past (or It Just Might Kill You)

Being-Time: Run From Your Past (or It Just Might Kill You)

It took me an embarrassingly long time to understand the mechanics behind platformer Being-Time, but never let it be said that ignorance and repeated deaths will ever force me to do something so silly as read the instructions. Being-Time utilizes time in an interesting way, time only passing when you move. To make things a bit harder, your little character is being chased by shadow clones who follow the path you lay out before them, making it crucial to create as long and meandering a path as possible to avoid getting killed.

It’s very short with only six or so levels, but the puzzles it lays out are intriguing enough that it might take you some time to complete anyway. There’s a bit of a story going on in the background–your character is time traveling because of regret and loss, and there’s probably a woman involved–but really it just sets up the framework for a game that forces you to think in unexpected ways.

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