If You Want to Work Out But Can’t Get Off the Couch, “VHS Story” Lets You Live Your Testosterone-Fueled Dreams

Almost eight months ago, I swore that 2014 would be the year I finally got in shape. 2013 was a failure and 2012 unmentionable, but 2014, finally–things would change.

Anyway, it’s almost August now and we don’t talk about foolish things I said when full of Christmas pudding, and anyway I’ve found a game about training fighters, which is basically the same thing as exercising yourself. VHS Story is a fighting simulation game with graphics and music reminiscent of the 80s where you manage a fighter named Hero (yes, really) who dreams of becoming the greatest fighter in the world (as they all do). In addition to controlling his fighting, you also manage his daily life and activities, determining whether he achieves his dreams or ends up just like me, a video game playing couch potato.

It’s a pretty simple set up but I found it surprisingly absorbing even though these types of management games aren’t normally my thing. Maybe it hit just a little too close to home or something, but either way…will Hero Johnson achieve his dreams? Probably not, despite Coach Melody’s best efforts, but maybe he’ll have more success with someone else at the wheel.

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