GEoRGiA: “Digits”

There are a lot of unique things about London producer GEoRGiA that goes beyond how she types her name. She might be new on the scene, but she’s already kicking up dust wherever she goes. Her debut EP Come In is an eclectic mixture of electronic pop, uniquely produced in her own twisted, glitched out way. Entirely written and produced in her home studio, GEoRGiA (real name Georgia Barnes)’s debut EP showcases her skills at deconstructing simple pop, throwing in insane synths and tweaked out vocals. On the surface, “Digits” is just a silly song about getting some guy to call her back, but the dark bass wavering beneath her voice suggests something more ominous. In fact, that bass line is what makes this song work, and weirdly enough, it reminds me of that guitar riff in Ashanti’s “Only You” (holy random reference, Batman). “Digits” is the second track taken from the EP, the first being “Be Ache.”

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  1. oshkosh

    she kinda looks like bjork


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