Get Inside the Mind of a Dog in This TED Talk With Dr. Ian Dunbar

World-famous animal behaviorist and veterinarian Dr. Ian Dunbar appeared at the 2007 TED Talks Conference in California where he explained the benefits of training your dog using positive reinforcement. Unlike publicity hound trainers such as Cesar Milan who rely on the “dominance” method, a type of training that has been since been debunked by scientists, Dr. Dunbar’s training method always takes into account the dog’s point of view.

Dr. Dunbar says there’s four training stages when teaching your pooch: one, to get him to use food as a lure to teach the dog a command—for example, to sit or lie down. Next, you slowly phase the food out and then you start building on the commands so that your furry friend understands the command within a sentence such as “Go fetch the mail.” Finally, you use distractions such as squirrels or other dogs in training so that chasing a squirrel in a park or getting the opportunity to play with their canine buddy becomes a reward.

Instead of using prong collars, choke chains, or scaring the living daylights out of your dog in the manner of Cesar Milan, Dr. Ian Dunbar breaks down the rewards of using positive reinforcement in dog training so that pet owners everywhere can have a happy, healthy, and obedient furry friend!

Dog picture by Elizabeth Tersigni

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