Delve Into the Dark Reaches of Obsession and Fantasy in Eli Wilde’s “The Lines”

Delve Into the Dark Reaches of Obsession and Fantasy in Eli Wilde’s “The Lines”

Eli Wilde’s poetry collection The Lines muses on the dark nature of obsession, fantasy, and loneliness. Each piece is just one section in a larger narrative, which turns out to be the story of a young man who has just broken up with his French girlfriend and is returning to his native London. On the train home, the narrator muses on how isolated he feels in comparison to the happy memories of the life he had in Paris with his ex-girlfriend. Slowly but surely, his obsession with the former love of his life becomes incredibly creepy and obsessive as now everything on the train begins to remind the young British man of the woman he left behind in Paris.

Wilde shows the disturbing nature of obsession as his narrator begins to fantasize that each of his fellow travelers is secretly expressing the emotions he feels after the breakup. From crying over a lost love to even day dreaming about the deaths of other passengers, Wilde’s poetry is beautiful but warns his readers about how dangerous some exes can truly be, especially if they are already unstable and start to form an unhealthy obsession.

Despite the chilling nature of the collection, readers will certainly appreciate the poet’s way with words as he effortlessly brings his creepy narrator’s bizarre fantasies to life and the crushing feeling of loneliness that weighs him down after the breakup.

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