Here Are All of David Lynch’s Weird Playstation 2 Commercials

In a time when commercials are considered the ultimate form of “selling out,” it’s no surprise that most critically acclaimed directors shun the practice. However, director David Lynch sees commercial work differently: “The money’s good, and the added bonus is that I get to use and learn about the latest technology.”

With more than a decade of weird ass commercials under his belt, it was no surprise when Playstation approached him back in 2000 to promote the new Playstation 2 in Europe. Based on an 18-month consumer research study, “The Third Place” campaign was designed to appeal to the imagination of early technology adopters. But in the end all it did was confuse the hell out of them (in typical Lynchian fashion, of course). In the campaign, “the third place” is explained as an additional sensory experience that goes beyond what one typically experiences. You can watch the entire campaign here. Don’t forget to watch the making of video, too.

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