Seven Handle Circus: “And We Danced”

Seven Handle Circus admits on their Facebook page, “Okay, so maybe we aren’t really a bluegrass band…” as if they’ve been caught red-handed trying to fool us. This disclaimer responds to the assumption one would make about a six-member band with banjos, mandolins, and a fiddle. But rather than a true bluegrass band, the Atlanta-based band is more like an indie pop band wearing a bluegrass costume. By using the instrumentation and vocal arrangements of bluegrass music, their music stands out a bit more. It adds a depth and excitement to their songs that would be missing with synths and electric guitars. You can really hear that on their latest track, “And We Danced.” On the previous Whiskey Still and Sleeping Pills EP, much of the songwriting fit the idiom well, but for “And We Danced,” the first track from the band’s upcoming full-length Shadows On The Wall, you can easily picture the song as a straightforward dance-pop track. It’s the dynamic arrangement, though, that makes the song work so well.

Shadows On The Wall will be released on October 20, but you can buy “And We Danced” now on iTunes.

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