Learn Others’ Darkest Desires in Joe Hill’s Novel “Horns”

Learn Others’ Darkest Desires in Joe Hill’s Novel “Horns”

Joe Hill’s novel Horns is soon to be made into a movie starring Daniel Radcliffe, but if you can’t wait until October to find out what happens, make sure you pick up this dark fantasy ASAP.

Ignatius Perrish is accused of raping and violently murdering his girlfriend Merrin Williams in the court of public opinion. Most believe his wealthy parents pulled some strings in order to get his name cleared, but on the anniversary of his girlfriend’s death, Ignatius sprouts a pair of devil’s horns that allow him to read minds and discover the darkest desires in the hearts of others around him. With his newfound powers, Ignatius must discover who really killed Merrin before it’s too late.

Although the heart of Horns is a dark and twisted love story, there’s enough humor and cutesy pop culture references to keep the readers giggling, even if it’s only for a moment. However, Horns is not a fluffy rendition about heaven and hell; the fate Hill reserves for Ignatius allows you to sit back and think about the very nature of good versus evil and if it’s possible for demons to stay pure of heart.

From strange fantasies about Ignatius’s girlfriend to Ignatius’s temptation to use his power for evil, once you start Horns you won’t want to put it down.

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