Silver Ships: “Summer’s Gone”

Let’s get one thing straight first: summer is not gone. I may have bought a new One Direction notebook, but I’m not ready for my next semester to start. We still have a full month before that happens. But now that we’re clear on that point, we can enjoy this song, the new single from Austin-based Silver Ships. The track is the first single from their upcoming debut, Songs From A Room That Never Moves, and it’s a sign of good things to come. With the retro feel of dusty organs, dirty guitars, and Beatles-esque vocal melodies, “Summer’s Gone” sprawls with a blues-inflected power-pop sensibility. Chazz Bessette’s charismatic vocals carry the track along through all its twists and turns with a power and melodiousness that’s irresistible. It may have a bleak outlook on our current season, but we can excuse it for being so darn catchy.

Plus, the track will make more sense on September 30, which is when Songs From A Room That Never Moves will be released via The Temp Agency.

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  1. Garrison

    Soooo good!


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