Tracing Echoes: A Short Documentary About Icelandic Electronic Band Bloodgroup

I wasn’t familiar with Bloodgroup prior to stumbling across this documentary on Vimeo today, but I’m definitely intrigued by them now. Tracing Echoes, which is also the title of their 2013 album, is a short documentary about the Icelandic band. Most of the video is spent showing Iceland’s exquisite landscape as band members talk about the unique closeness most Icelanders share with nature. It’s in that closeness that inspiration breeds, which according to one of the band members is like “being in your own world.” It’s also interesting to see how the primitiveness of nature paired with the technology of electronic music comes together in a way that’s more organic than you would think. Directed by Natalie Wallrapp, the documentary is a unique look at not only a great band, but also the mysterious allure behind creative awakenings.

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