Ólöf Arnalds: “Half Steady”

Singer-songwriter Ólöf Arnalds’ new single “Half Steady,” off her upcoming fourth album, is quite different than anything the artist has released before. Arnalds is known for her quiet folk songs and her ethereal vocals, but for “Half Steady” she embraces a sputtering electronic texture. Her sensibility is still present, but in collaborating with múm’s Gunnar Örn Tynes and multi-instrumentalist Skúli Sverrisson, Arnalds has taken an unused song she wrote in her teens and turned it into an experimental track more similar to fellow Icelander Björk than Arnalds’ own previous material. With an exciting 5/8 rhythm and layers of chanted vocals, “Half Steady” pulls you in and captivates you for its almost five-minute duration.

Palme will be available via One Little Indian on September 30, but you can pre-order the album now.

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