Phoenix Martins: “Get This”

London singer Phoenix Martins is back with a new track called–get this–”Get This.” The song will be featured on the singer’s upcoming yet-to-be-titled EP, and it definitely gets us excited about what’s to come. At the beginning of the song, Martins asks, “Hello, anybody there? Can anybody hear me?” which she repeats at the end of the track as well, as if she’s desperate for someone, anyone, to hear her message. Luckily, we’re hearing her. Martins’ elegant voice floats over a simple ’80s RnB pop song. When the lush strings come in halfway through the song, “Get This” moves to another level, the music coming up to match Martins’ celestial vocal style.

No official date is set for her EP yet, so be sure to keep an eye on her website for more news.


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