It’s Not Too Late to Start Reading Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” Series

It’s Not Too Late to Start Reading Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” Series

Long before STARZ decided to adapt Outlander as a television series, Diana Gabaldon’s novels were hailed as the perfect blend of romance, historical fiction, and science fiction.

The Outlander series follows a 1945 World War II nurse who gets swept back in time to eighteenth-century Scotland and falls in love with a dashing young Scottish Highlander. However, Gabaldon’s series isn’t just a bodice-ripper, it’s actually quite inspiring due to the strong female lead. Claire Randall is a forward-thinking woman who revels in her sexuality, doesn’t allow societal mores to make her act like a damsel in distress, and has agency. She’s also a skilled physician and often fights for her right to help heal the sick despite her husband Jamie worrying that she’ll get sick.

Gabaldon’s other characters are also well rounded too. Jaime Fraser for example is complex, and readers get a chance to peel away all of his layers as the series progresses. Geillis Duncan is also another fascinating character as well—like Claire, she fell through time, but she purposely went through the stones in order to change history and attempt to restore “Bonnie Prince Charlie” to the throne. Claire’s relationship with her first husband Frank is also not ignored either. Unlike other novels, Claire doesn’t just fling herself into Jamie’s arms; in fact, she’s actually quite conflicted about both men for the first two novels.

Whether you love a good sci-fi yarn or enjoy reading a sappy romance novel, no matter what your age or gender, Outlander has a storyline that everyone will enjoy.

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