I Remember the Rain: An Interactive Story About Grief

I Remember the Rain: An Interactive Story About Grief

Using rain to evoke grief and memories of a happier past isn’t exactly new. You might even call it a case of art imitating life. Who hasn’t stared out the window at a thunderstorm or brooded during a long, wet walk home at night? The memories that come always seem to be the saddest, too. And the saddest memories deal with loss.

I Remember the Rain is one of those games that straddle the line between short visual story and game. Honestly, though, something about the camerawork and mild surrealism lends it a cinematic quality so that it reads and feels more like a short movie than anything else. Gameplay consists mostly of walking around and talking to people in order to trigger a melancholic monotone narration. The tragedy that has stricken the game’s protagonist is never fully articulated, but does it need to be? Within the first few seconds of the game you can guess that it will deal with death and loss.

I Remember the Rain is extremely short but powerful nonetheless. Check it out! It’ll only take a few minutes.

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