Eat Your Kimchi: A View of Korean Culture Through the Eyes of Expats

Husband/wife bloggers Simon and Martina are English teachers living and teaching in Korea. Their YouTube channel Eat Your Kimchi is a sprawling collection of hilarious videos (more than 500) where they discuss all facets of Korean culture from K-Pop to Korean humor. In fact, people who are followers of Korean culture or the K-Pop music scene are probably well-acquainted with Simon and Martina. After all, their YouTube channel has more than 300,000 subscribers. The duo even successfully raised more than $100,000 to buy their own studio via Indiegogo.

But despite their online popularity, the two have received very little attention in the press (unless you count this article published in the Vancouver Observer). In fact, if you’re not inside the ever-growing Korean pop culture bubble, you might not have even heard of them.

Even if Korean culture isn’t your thing, Eat Your Kimchi has tons to offer. Simon and Martina are hilarious and have amazing rapport with each other. From videos about couple culture (above), to videos about life in Korea, Simon and Martina have the rare talent in making even the most mundane topics hilarious. They also have weekly playlists where they showcase indie K-Pop, like Neon Bunny.

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