Clipping: “Inside Out”

LA rap trio clipping. are known as much for their surreal, controversial music videos as they are for their penchant for gritty “ripped from the headlines” lyrics. Earlier this year, their video for “Work Work” got a lot of attention for its, um, creative use of curb stomping, and their video for “Story 2″ was a stunning, understated approach to horrid realism. In an age where music videos carry little importance, it’s refreshing to see a new act with a such an impressive video library already (and with only one album under their belt, too).

For “Inside Out,” “Work Work” director Carlos Lopez Estrada returns to create an awesome display of play-on-words that shows the lead MC rapping as various objects sprout from his head. “Murder on the outside, everybody inside,” he raps while walking in a hypnotic, repetitive circle. It doesn’t get any cooler than this.

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