Patty and Mr. Miles: A Cute Slice-of-Life RPG With a Dark Secret

Patty and Mr. Miles: A Cute Slice-of-Life RPG With a Dark Secret

At first glance, Patty and Mr. Miles is a cute, unfinished game about a quirky little town where all the men have been turned into animals. While the game’s primary quest is about going to the wizard’s tower and getting him to undo the curse, actual gameplay revolves around interacting with your neighbors and completing side quests that revolve around fishing and gardening. A RPG element crops up when you enter the wizard’s tower and battle your way to the top to learn the wizard’s true identity…and unsurprisingly, there’s a twist there.

But the real hint that something else lies underneath the town’s cutesy facade comes early on in the game when Miles opens a book describing the slaughter of an unknown town. Miles’ own memories are fuzzy and hard to interpret, but Patty and Mr. Miles really picks up steam in After Story, an addendum that covers the backstory and explains what’s really going on underneath the surface. And it ain’t pretty.

But, surprise!horror elements aside, Patty and Mr. Miles is a love story about a lonely girl and a brave boy. Their love story in all its innocence and tragedy sets Patty and Mr. Miles apart from other indie horror game fare. It’s a pity that the original source code was apparently corrupted beyond salvation, because even the short bits available demonstrate that Patty and Mr. Miles has the potential to be something special.

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