Tampons Become Deadly Weapons in the Satirical

Tampons Become Deadly Weapons in the Satirical “Tampon Run”

Does anyone remember that one tampon commercial that revolved around how discreet and easy to hide tampons were? So discreet, in fact, that no man was able to recognize them by sight? Oh, wait, that’s all of them, minus the ones with women in white doing cartwheels. Evidently, creators Andy and Sophie were equally exasperated by the stigma around menstruation and tampons, so they created Tampon Run, a game where you shoot tampons at enemies. When you run out of tampons, it’s game over, giving male-bodied players a tiny glimpse of what it’s like to come up short during Shark Week.

Upset? Grossed out? Think tampons are kind of an inappropriate item to appear in a game? Andy and Sophie have a response to that too–namely, why is the appearance of a tampon so much less normalized than the violence that proliferates the medium, despite the fact that the vast majority of gamers will never interact with a real gun?

But how does the game itself play? It’s surprisingly fun and decently challenging. Commands are pared down to two basic motions: shoot and jump. Our tampon-armed protagonist progresses steadily through the levels, parcelling out tampons carefully and replenishing her supplies from the floating tampon boxes in the air. Yeah, it’s not exactly the most realistic of scenarios, but for such a simple execution, it has a lot to say.

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