Rukhsana Merrise: “So They Say”

London-based singer Rukhsana Merrise just launched her September Music Soundcloud Series EP, where she’ll release one track a week for all of September, essentially putting out her debut EP. If “So They Say” is any indication of the rest of the music we’ll be getting, this EP is something you’re gonna want to pay attention to. The track is driven by a rhythmic finger-picked acoustic guitar riff and complimented by sparkling production that brings in an eclectic arrangement of instruments. Bright piano double melodies and exciting tribal drums add a powerful beat, and sweet strings on the bridge add a touch of elegance. But Merrise’s easy melodies and powerful voice are the real focus. With dizzying textures behind her, her vocals come across as confident and calm, blowing off conventional wisdom with a sarcastic touch of “so they say.”

Be sure to follow Rukhsana Merrise on Soundcloud to keep up with her September Music Soundcloud Series EP.

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