Watch Tempest Shimmy in Honor of the Greek Goddess Hecate

World famous belly dancer Tempest performed a stunning fusion belly dance piece at Rakkasah East 2010 and dedicated her performance to the Greek goddess Hecate, who was known as the lady of the crossroads and the Queen of witchery.

The performance begins with Tempest undulating on the ground wearing a a long,  white shawl and a crown emblazoned with the goddess’s face. As the music escalates, she tosses the shawl back and reveals her costume: long red hair, black harem pants, and a gold-fringed top. The dance explores the boundaries between traditional belly dancing and the more modern fusion styles and honors the lady of the crossroads by exploring the meeting place between light and dark, which can be seen in Tempest’s choice of costume.

Tempest’s playful dance moves and mesmerizing choreography brings the ancient goddess to life in an incredibly vivid way.

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