Fickle Friends: “For You”

“For You” is only the third song Fickle Friends have put out, but already the Brighton band has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. “Swim” and “Play” were both up-tempo pop gems, but “For You” is a bit slower and less saccharine. Have no mistake, though, the song is still catchy as hell, but it’s a darker mood. The guitars have more bite and Natti Shiner’s vocals are more emotional and vulnerable. The singer says the song “is about realizing a relationship isn’t ever going to go anywhere despite how sad it feels, and how much you really want it to work” As the weather starts to change, this more melancholic type of song is just what we need, and Fickle Friends have thankfully delivered.

“For You” is available on iTunes now.

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