Experimental Book Series “N O R M A L S” Wants You to Step Into Their Futuristic Void

So this is one way to get people to buy your book. This video is a commercial promoting N O R M A L S, an experimental book series of “design fictions, hyperlinked stories, and neo-brutalist graphic novels” about the future. Their website is even more bizarre, and their book synopses read like fractured poetry:

Your friend Pr1nt/3ll3n can’t stop 3d-printing copies of herself. Invitations to ever weirder events keep flying at your face, and your eyes feel funny ever since you’ve managed to stick a smartphone in them. All for only 239 495 004 likes. Smile, you’re in a normal future.

Fortunately, there’s a free preview of the first issue to get a sense of what these design fictions really are like (basically cynical prose about human technological consumption). As for the video, we’re treated to a delightful mess of geometric shapes, robot voices, and glitchy electronic music. Whatever the N O R M A L S project is trying to do, at least their visual aesthetic is interesting. Warning: the future contains flashing images.

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