Goodman: “I Would Die” / “Never”

We’ve come to expect uptempo power-pop singles from New York musician Goodman, but for his latest single he indulges in moodier textures. The title alone, “I Would Die,” might give it away that Goodman is treading on some darker stuff, and the music he provides certainly fulfills that expectation. It starts with a simple, lo-fi drum machine loop before bringing in somber guitars and Goodman’s lamenting vocals singing, “Honey I would die for you.” Sadder, yes, but still just as melodic and infectious as Goodman has proven he can be. The B-side starts similarly melancholic with an extended, slow guitar intro, but then it picks up to a normal power-pop beat. But here, too, the mood is darker. The production is covered in reverb, the arrangement is sparse, and the lyrics are also filled with a fatalistic pessimism towards a relationship. Goodman sings, “I’ll never be the one for you.” Just like “I Would Die,” though, the hooks are irresistible.

“I Would Die”/”Never” is available now on Goodman’s Bandcamp.

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