Tom Day and Laura Lethlean: “You”

Australian musician Tom Day is mostly known for his expansive ambient electronic music, but a few months ago he released a collaboration with his cousin Laura Lethlean called “Sorrow” that matches his evocative productions with her delicate vocals. Now the pair have put out another song from their collaboration called “You.” Like “Sorrow,” the track is piano-driven and melancholic, but with a strong beat behind it and a catchier vocal hook. Lethlean sings about an ambivalent relationship. She starts disinterested, “I’ve been pushing you away for so long.” But her barriers break down, opting for convenience and familiarity. She sums it all up in the final lines of the song: “And when the culture is costly that you cant afford a snack/Well the library and beach is free/And I’ll settle with that.” It’s tragic, surely, but her voice has a calm, beautiful quality to it that leaves you conflicted with the message.

Unfortunately, it seems like there aren’t any plans to expand this collaboration just yet, but you can download “You” for free, or check out Tom Day’s latest EP on iTunes.

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