Marina and The Diamonds “Electra Heart: The Archetypes”

British electro-pop singer Marina and the Diamonds has been slowly releasing a short film in 11 parts over the past two years. Most of the parts are music videos of songs from her Electra Heart album and non-album singles. Together, they loosely tell the story of a young woman on a journey to find herself and navigate modern popular culture. Like the accompanying album, the short film explores issues of modern identity, the idea of fame, and gendered sexuality. Through satire, parody, and experimentation, the songs and their accompanying videos both embrace and critique popular American culture. But more than anything, this is the story of female self-exploration. When the main character sheds her identity to become Electra Heart, a caricature of the self-obsessed American celebrity, she finds it ultimately unsatisfying. By the end of the series, she realizes her failure to become someone else, confronts her past, and kills Electra Heart.

As a long time fan of Marina and the Diamonds and her steady flow of Electra Heart videos, it is bittersweet to see it end. But overall, the ending is powerful and effective, and the ‘film’ is highly recommended. That the music is fantastic as well is an extra bonus!


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