Alexander Wildwood: “Bad Blood”

New Zealand-based singer/songwriter Alexander Wildwood made a bit of a splash with his debut single “Summer Skin” earlier this year, but now he’s back with “Bad Blood.” The two tracks will be featured on Wildwood’s upcoming debut EP and will give us a sense of his anthemic songwriting. His lyrics are broad and literary, citing influences from Hemingway, Salinger and Bukowski, but his expansive pop-rock adds a grandiosity to his poetry. On “Bad Blood,” Wildwood embraces his knack for catchy hooks and sing-along choruses. The black and white music video, directed by Olive Trimble, shows a couple against a brick wall doing strange things like squeezing a grapefruit or wearing a plastic bag on their head. The rhythmic editing adds a sharp excitement to the track, even if the odd visuals don’t quite make sense with the lyrics.

Alexander Wildwood is prepping to release his debut EP this October, but you can download “Bad Blood” on iTunes now.

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