Shane Koyczan’s “To This Day Project” Is an Inspiring Poem Against Bullying

The animated video for Shane Koyczan’s spoken word poem “To This Day” is a loving tribute to anyone who has ever been bullied. The poem revolves around Koyczan’s memories about being taunted about his weight. His peers called him “pork chop,” and the teasing was so bad that even now, as an adult, he can’t stand the sight of the aforementioned dish.

Despite his own experience with bullying, the poet points out that he’s not the only one who has suffered, and society needs to take a stand against it. After all, those who are bullied often become depressed, have low self-esteem, and are at risk for committing suicide. Koyczan’s touching words give strength and hope to those who are bullied by reminding them that “they made it” and are strong both emotionally and mentally.

Whether you grew up as an outcast or are suffering through teasing by your peers, “To This Day” is a loving tribute to the tenacity of those who were labeled “weird” and a heartbreaking reminder that we as a society need to do more to stop children from being bullied.

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