Talk In Tongues: “Still Don’t Seem To Care”

L.A. psych-rock quartet Talk In Tongues just released their debut single “Still Don’t Seem To Care.” Well, actually the song was released earlier this year under the band’s old name, Brother Blyss, but if you missed it back then like we did, it’s never too late to jump on board. With thick reverb, driving drums, and dense chords, “Still Don’t Seem To Care” falls into the expected Tame Impala/Temples territory, but Talk In Tongues are definitely not just a copycat band. The delicate vocals add an interesting touch to the sound, a bit of a Flaming Lips or early Of Montreal indie style. As the chorus repeats at the end, layer of warm vocal harmonies stack up, creating a hypnotic effect that leaves you wanting more.

Luckily, the band is slated to release their debut album next year. Unluckily, there’s no date attached to that yet, so it might be awhile. Until then, we can keep spinning “Still Don’t Seem To Care–literally (the 7″ version comes out November 25).

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