“The Witches’ Craft,” a Non-Fluffy Look at the Roots of Witchcraft

“The Witches’ Craft,” a Non-Fluffy Look at the Roots of Witchcraft

Raven Grimassi’s non-fiction work The Witch’s Craft: The Roots of Witchcraft and Magickal Transformation is a well-research overview that allows novice Pagans or curious seekers to explore all aspects of the Craft of the Wise. Instead of simply writing about different spells and informing the reader that the components can be swapped for something else, Grimassi describes in painstaking detail the tradition the spell is rooted in, which allows you to gain a better understanding of the history and cultures that shaped the different rituals.

Grimassi also gives his readers a well-researched overview of the different magickal techniques and muses over more esoteric topics such as the different myths, metaphors, and right/left brain consciousness as well. It’s a nice change from the usual airy-fairy approach that many Pagan authors take and also gives seekers a good historical background so that they can continue to do their own research as well.

Whether you’re a long-time Pagan or simply a curious seeker, Raven Grimassi’s attention to detail, history, and tradition in The Witch’s Craft is a breath of fresh air amongst the “fluffy Pagan” books that litter the bookstore shelves at Barnes and Noble!

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