Rukhsana Merrise: “Standing Still”

At the beginning of the month, we shared Rukhsana Merrise‘s “So They Say.” The track was the first in her series of September Songs, a collection of songs released one at a time each week in September.  Well now it’s the end of the month, so that means we get one last song and can finally take in the whole collection. “Standing Still,” like its title might suggest, is a simple, understated song. The first three tracks were filled with virtuosic guitar accompaniment and eclectic productions, but “Standing Still” strips it down to the bare necessities. Merrise’s voice was always the highlight anyway, and the sparse arrangement showcases her inventive melodies and warm timbre. Ultimately, the four songs in September Songs show a talented young artist with a distinct style that we hope we see more from in the future.

Be sure to check out the whole series on Rukhsana Merrise’s Soundcloud.

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