Feel the Pain of a Young Gaulish Woman in Eluveitie’s “A Rose For Epona” Music Video

Two years ago, Eluveitie released a music video for their song “A Rose For Epona,” which described in detail the utter devastation the Romans left on the Gaulish tribes.

The song is part of a concept album called Helvetios that allows listeners to travel back in time when the Romans shattered the Helvatians’s hopes for a victory at the battle of Bibracte. The music video follows a young Gaulish woman who accuses her Goddess Epona, who was the protector of horsemen and the cavalry, of allowing her people to be slaughtered by Julius Caesar and his army. While her people attempt to migrate to Gallia in an attempt to start a new life, the heroine of the song struggles to understand why her people suffered such an awful defeat and why her Goddess couldn’t protect the tribe against the invasion of the Romans.

“A Rose For Epona” is a powerful piece that reminds its listeners that the winners write the history books and the ancient Roman Empire that is so praised by many historians today committed some awful atrocities on their enemies.

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