Short Documentary “Intro to Noise” Questions the Legitimacy of Noise Music

“What is art?” is a weighty question in the world of creative freedom, but an even more perplexing debate is the question “What is music?” In a world where today’s modern pop is described by my parents as “noise,” what happens when musicians start making bona fide real noise? Like, what if I just sit in a chair and scream at you for 30 minutes? Is that music? Filmmaker  tries to answer this question in his short documentary Intro to Noise. In the video, he takes a trip to Noise Night in Bournemouth, U.K. to capture some of the artists playing and to mingle with the fans who enjoy the music–even if it’s for reasons they can’t quite explain.

When Braverman tries to get some of the people to open up on their thoughts on noise music, most are at a lost for words. ”I believe in free will, so I guess it’s about freedom,” says one bloke. “You know, it’s like what Luigi Russolo said in his essay,” says another. Even though the video doesn’t answer any fundamental questions, it’s an intriguing snapshot into the bizarre theater of underground noise music, with performances that range from people sitting in chairs screaming (see, you thought I made that up, but I didn’t) to people literally swinging chainsaws around. Beware: this video gets loud.

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